On Saturday, October 13, Hyperallergic will partner with The Guggenheim Museum to host a day trip to the Bronx to experience the museum’s final stillspotting nyc event, “Audiogram.” Following the  interactive audio experience, join Hyperallergic’s editors and writers for an adventure across New York’s northernmost borough, including a trip to the Marcel Breuer-designed Lehman Gallery and a visit to Bronx’s Little Italy and Emilia’s Restaurant for a traditional Italian dinner.

Improv Everywhere’s Got This

Created by members of the prankster pop-up theater troupe Improv Everywhere and audiologist Tina Jupiter, “Audiogram” has participants don mp3 players pre-loaded with sound compositions designed to heighten awareness of city’s latent audio background. Wandering around the neighborhood’s Joyce Kilmer Park, we will be led on a sensory journey through city space.

Marcel Breuer’s Other NYC Gallery

Following the stillspotting event, Hyperallergic’s editors will bring guests on an art-driven tour of the Bronx neighborhood, stopping in at Lehman College’s Lehman Gallery (housed in a building by famed Modernist Marcel Breuer) to see Space Invader, a group exhibition curated by Karin Bravin and featuring Rachel Hayes, Cordy Ryman, Rita MacDonald, Franklin Evans, Carol Salmanson, Dahlia Elsayed, and many others.

The Breuer building, which is often in the shadows of its more famous arty sister on Manhattan’s Upper East Side (the Whitney Museum on Madison Avenue), is one of two Breuer-designed buildings on campus and they provide a shot of modernist design amidst the sea of Tudor/Gothic-influenced architecture.

The Breuer art gallery was initially built as a library in 1958 and the space is defined by large inverted umbrellas that were originally conceived as the roof and ceiling to a grand reading room. A curtain wall wrapped around the north and west sides of the building while a honeycomb-like sunscreen ran around the south and east.

NYC’s Real Little Italy

Emilia’s restaurant in the Bronx’s Little Italy (Image courtesy Emilia’s)

After that, we’ll all head to the Bronx’s Little Italy, yeah, that’s right, the less touristy and more authentic Italian neighborhood that still retains its character of shops, restaurants, and food stores. You will join us and explore historic Arthur Avenue, ending at Emilia’s for a classic Italian dinner with wine, in a private setting, where you will have a chance to discuss the day and mingle with fellow art aficionados and Hyperallergic editors.

The itinerary for our special Hyperallergic- and Guggenheim-sponsored stillspotting trip is below. Tickets to the full afternoon are $50, which includes an “Audiogram” ticket, visit to the Lehman Gallery, and dinner at Emilio’s, and are available now through Eventbrite or through the form below. Join us for the uptown adventure!


  • 11:30 — Meet at Bronx Museum for stillspotting orientation
  • 12:00 — Guggenheim stillspotting “Audiogram” event at Joyce Kilmer Park
  • 2:00 — Lehmann Galleries Space Invader tour
  • 3:00 — A walking tour through the Bronx’s Little Italy
  • 3:30 — Full dinner (incl. wine) at Emilio’s

To get the most out of your Bronx adventure, make sure you wear comfortable shoes!

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