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As of today, August 5, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) has launched The Future of Our Plans, an online showcase of work from the graduate class of 2020. This website features current projects, thesis work, and creative reflections on the current moment from more than 150 artists, designers, and scholars. 

The Future of Our Plans is not a traditional exhibition. It recognizes that students are working under profoundly different circumstances due to the global pandemic, and invites them to demonstrate how this both influences their art and shapes how they present their practice. The site includes a system of tags for grouping the presented work around themes addressed by this year’s class, such as identity, social engagement, and justice. Participants include graduates from the Master of Architecture, Master of Art, Master of Fine Arts, and Master of Design programs, in an effort to showcase SAIC’s interdisciplinary approach.

Throughout August, the showcase will be amplified by a series of programming initiatives that include daily viewing recommendations, written reflections on the presented work’s prevailing themes, and Tune In, a conversation series between SAIC faculty and guests as they examine the showcase’s themes and trends in the context of contemporary art and culture. Participants include Associate Professor Delinda Collier in conversation with Robyn Farrell, assistant curator of contemporary art at the Art Institute of Chicago, and Professor Lisa Wainwright in conversation with Hamza Walker, executive director of LAXART.

Visit the showcase at

Make sure to also view SAIC’s Spring Undergraduate Exhibition, which launched this spring, at

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