RISD CE Online is excited to announce 110+ online courses for adults and teens, which can be taken from anywhere in the world, at any time of day or night.

Creative adventures in a range of visual arts and design disciplines await Continuing Education students at Rhode Island School of Design. From courses like The Home Jewelry Studio, Painting from Nature, and Walking as Creative Practice to Adobe Photoshop, Textiles 101 for Interiors, and Domestic Still Life Photography, join RISD for accessible, flexible, and immersive online learning experiences this fall.

While some teens may attend RISD CE Online Teen Courses for fun and enrichment, and others may have a more academic goal in mind, online courses like animation, moviemaking, fashion design, and art school prep provide a strong grounding in the visual arts, encouraging creative and personal growth through self-expression.

High school students who want the opportunity to access intensive, collegiate-level classes as they work towards a college application portfolio can look into RISD’s Advanced Program for High School Students, which continues this fall. This online program for students in grades 10–12 offers an immersive and expressive curriculum informed by our rapidly changing world. 

For those in Rhode Island or Eastern Connecticut this fall, in-person weekend workshops and hybrid classes will be held at the Westerly Education Center.

Fall term starts Sept 19, 2020.

For more information on RISD CE Online Fall Courses, visit ce.risd.edu.