People Who Aren’t Upset That a Rothko Was Defaced Today

The reaction in 140 characters or less after today’s Rothko incident at the Tate Modern has been overwhelming. At one point Rothko was a trending topic on the social media service, according to one user, but more than that these news events inevitably bring out the best and worst in people.

While the majority of people have understandably been horrified at the fact that someone would deface a renowned painting for no reason other than what appears to be self-promotion, not everyone felt that way.

This post is about the other tweets, meaning the ones that expressed some type of enjoyment at the news, or maybe they just poked fun at the whole thing. Reading them is akin to being rubbernecking on the information highway. You don’t know why you have to look but you just do. We’ve saved you the time and compiled some of the most interesting from the first six hours after the incident below. Enjoy … or, er, whatever you’re supposed to do with them.

And this is a late entry:

Beyond the fact that some people relished the art crime at the Tate today, there was a whole other range of emotions and takes too, and here is a taste.

Some people expressed relief or something …

Some jokes:

A timely restoration joke:

Is this the beginning of a conspiracy theory?

You call that vandalism?!

An interesting observation:

This is just strange, so “no comment”:

And some people think the reaction was just too much:


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