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Our cake, designed and made by Nectar Ads marketing assistant Kara Romano (all photos by the author for Hyperallergic unless otherwise noted)

Last Friday’s celebration of Hyperallergic’s Third Anniversary far exceeded our expectations, and we were delighted that everyone joined us for the birthday of the World’s Greatest New York Art Blogazine. Over 400 people arrived over the course of the evening to raise bottles of beer, provided by Brooklyn Brewery, or Jell-o shots, provided by Pernod (thanks for donating those, guys!), making our unique House Party event a rousing success.

We want to thank all our friends and supporters who made the night perfect in every way. From Kara Romano, the Nectar Ads marketing assistant, who created the most amazing and delicious Keith Haring-influenced birthday cake ever (pictured above), to Joe Arnheim and Susan Swenson of Pierogi Gallery, who generously allowed us to use their space, and Andrew Ohanesian, the artist, who trusted us to throw a party in “House Party” (2012) and further demonstrate what a multifaceted and diverse work it could be.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to man the bars and greet guests (Daniel Larkin, Janelle Grace, Alexis Clements, Cat Weaver, Howard Hurst, Molly McFadden, and Alissa Guzman) and an extra special thanks to our fantastic event coordinator (Deborah Check) who went out of her way to ensure everything went smoothly.

Our party was intended to be a very different type of event from the opening night shindig, which was a blow-out rager that left the house in shambles (see our images below). After that initial event, Ohanesian refurbished “House Party” and it was ready for our contribution.

The “House Party” was an ideal setting for Hyperallergic’s event as it represented the blurring of art and life that we seek out and investigate every day on the blogazine. I first encountered Ohanesian’s work in 2007 during the Bushwick Open Studios, where he had mounted the incredibly detailed and somewhat disorientating “Blind Spot” (2007) in his studio. Over the years his projects have morphed into other incredible renditions of life in unexpected locations, like the gallery space/jetway of “Untitled (The Jetway)” (2010) at Famous Accountants gallery, the confessional/bar “Mandie’s” (2010) at various locations, the doorway refrigerator that is “I Would Have Liked to See Montana” (2010) at English Kills art gallery, and the unnamed ATM project (2011) also at English Kills. “House Party” was Ohanesian’s largest and most ambitious project to date. Thank you Andrew for opening up your project to Hyperallergic and its readers.

Here’s to another year of pushing the limits of online art news, views, and criticism, and having a blast doing it.

After the opening night party, the “House Party” got trashed. In about four hours, Ohanesian’s project was in shambles.

Andrew Ohanesian explaining the project to Hyperallergic Weekend editor Thomas Micchelli.

Some Hyperallergic teams members enjoying the work before the crowds.

Having a bite before it all begins.

The crowds slowly arrive as our cake guru Kara Romano, chats with Neall Brick.

Event coordinator Deborah Check offered Pernod absinthe Jell-o shots to guests throughout the evening.

The DJ starts his set.

The party welcomes a constant streams of guests, including filmmaker Bryant Botero (center foreground), artist/vlogger Loren Munk (center middleground), reporter Aaron Short (left), and blogger Christopher Jobson of Colossal (seated right) (Photo by Joe Arnheim/Pierogi)

Veken and I cutting the cake, photo from Marina Galperina’s Instagram feed. (via facebook)

DJ Wig turns down the lights.

The dancing begins.

It’s not a party until someone tags up the kids room.

Crowds gather in the hallways in front of the art project.

Curators Herb Tam and Ryan Wong of the Museum of Chinese in America.

Our outdoor bar under the able hands of LABS managing editor Janelle Grace and Hyperallergic contributor Alexis Clements.

It was a beautiful night and the crowds gathered in the side lot, where everyone entered the art project.

The entrance to Pierogi Boiler.

The Hyperallergic Third Anniversary celebration took place on Friday, October 5 at Pierogi Boiler (191 North 14th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn). Andrew Ohanesian’s House Party continues until November 18.

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Hrag Vartanian

Hrag Vartanian is editor-in-chief and co-founder of Hyperallergic. You can follow him at @hragv.

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