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The doctor’s prescription this week is a little bit of a lot of things. She wants you to exercise your mind with a panel discussion on the little-known Salon de Fleurus at the Museum of Modern Art and another one on the much-known (and much-ridiculed) New Aesthetic at the New Museum. She wants you to use your eyes to view art at a number of exhibition openings, including two more unusual and thought-provoking ones: a show of remade works by other artists and child rearing as performance art. And speaking of performance, stop by a new Williamsburg space for a 24-hour performance event.

This weekend is also Gowanus Open Studios, plus the last installment of the Guggenheim’s two-year stillspotting series. This edition, Audiogram, takes places in the Bronx, and Hyperallergic is making an entire day out of it. If you can’t join us there, the Guggenheim is also hosting a stillspotting grand finale at the museum tonight. As always, there’s so much to do and so little time!

One of J.D. Hastings's tape quilts on view in "Residue"
One of J.D. Hastings’s tape quilts on view in “Residue” (image via

 Unsound and Urban Noise

When: Tuesday, October 9, 7 pm ($10)
Where: Guggenheim Museum (1071 Fifth Ave, Upper East Side, Manhattan)

For the end of the Guggenheim’s stillspotting project, which found pockets of quiet contemplation all around New York City, the museum will host a blowout night of talks, performances, films, and readings exploring the ideas introduced over the course of the series. The night will feature sound collages, lectures from architect Charles Renfro and novelist Ben Marcus, and scientific presentations on urbanism and noise. This is one intellectual happening that will forever change how you view the chaotic context of NYC. —KC

 Artistic Residue

When: Thursday, October 11, 5:30 pm
Where: Extra Gallery (635 West 27th Street, ring buzzer to the right, Chelsea, Manhattan)

Artist and writer Brian Dupont runs a small, unusual, semi-private lobby gallery in Manhattan’s premiere art district. In his words, “We’re a gallery in Chelsea, exposing new artists to the world.” (How many Chelsea galleries can say that?) This Thursday the space, Extra Gallery, hosts an opening reception for its latest exhibition, Residue, which features three artists who use tape as both a basic tool and a way to make something new.

 Salon de Fleurus

When: Thursday, October 11, 6 pm ($10)
Where: Museum of Modern Art (11 West 53rd Street, Midtown Manhattan)

The doctor had never heard of the Salon de Fleurus before this week, but now she’s dying to go. Just read the explanation from MoMA’s event description: “Oscillating between a museum and a domestic space, Salon de Fleurus functions as an intimate cabinet of wonder for modern art.” Plus it’s sponsored by LA’s Museum of Jurassic Technology, which is a wonder itself. This panel discussion with writers, artists, and curators should provide a few more hints about what’s behind those quiet doors.

 Stories from the New Aesthetic

When: Thursday, October 11, 7 pm ($8)
Where: New Museum (235 Bowery, Lower East Side, Manhattan)

No matter whether you believe in the principles of the New Aesthetic or not, this is the event to attend and find out for sure. The genre/movement/whatever’s coiner, James Bridle, is in New York teaching at NYU, and will participate in a panel with the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum’s senior engineer Aaron Straup Cope and Rhizome’s editor Joanne McNeil. The discussion, part of the museum’s New Silent series, will doubtless confront the question of the New Aesthetic’s legitimacy: After all the hype, is it truly an artistic format or just part of our new global reality? —KC

 Other People’s Art

When: Opens Friday, October 12, 6–9 pm
Where: Mulherin + Pollard (187 Chrystie Street, Lower East Side, Manhattan)

For his exhibition at Mulherin + Pollard, Brooklyn artist Eric Doeringer has made all art objects that are copies of other artists’ art objects — so a spot painting after Damien Hirst, a film of the Empire State building in the vein of Andy Warhol, photographs of Marlboro advertisements à la Richard Prince. Although it all seems like a bit of a cheap trick, the press release asks some interesting questions: “If a spot painting by Damien Hirst or a wall drawing by Sol LeWitt is fabricated by assistants with little or no input from the artist, what is the difference between an ‘authentic’ work and one that is made by Eric Doeringer?” or “Do John Baldessari and Damien Hirst hold monopolies on photographing rubber balls in mid-flight or painting polka dots on white canvasses?” We’re not sure … so we guess we’ll have to see the show.

Marni Kotak, "Raising Baby X: The First Year"
Marni Kotak, “Raising Baby X: The First Year” (image via Microscope Gallery)

 24-Hour Performance

When: Friday, October 12, 6 pm–Saturday, October 13, 6 pm
Where: Glasshouse (246 Union Ave, Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

The performance space Glasshouse opened its doors in Williamsburg not too long ago, and this weekend they’re hosting one of their 24-hour performances. All we know about this is the title — “Fates Action #2: Performing the Building’s Awareness of Itself” — and the materials/equipment: 8 microphones, 5 speakers, 2 laptops, 2 mixers, cables, wire, pickups, live electro-acoustic treatment, custom audio devices, found objects, midi triggers, FX pedals, 3 cameras, 2 projectors, 1 screen. Enough to pique our curiosity.

Raising Baby X

When: Opens Saturday, October 13
Where: Microscope Gallery (4 Charles Place, Bushwick, Brooklyn)

You may remember artist Marni Kotak from such performances as when she had a baby. In a gallery. Now she’s back at Microscope Gallery with the show Raising Baby X: The First Year, which features documentation from her first year of raising a child in the guise of performance art. We’re still not sure what that means, but hopefully this show will shed some light.

 More Open Studios

When: Saturday, October 13–Sunday, October 14, 12–6 pm
Where: All over Gowanus (Brooklyn)

What would a New York City art weekend be without an open studios event somewhere? This weekend you can hit up Gowanus, where over 50 artists have signed up to open the doors to their workspaces. If you didn’t make it to the grungy (ahem, alternative) Brooklyn neighborhood during the Brooklyn Museum’s massive GO extravaganza, this is your chance.

 New Queer Cinema

When: Monday, October 15, 6:50 pm ($12)
Where: Brooklyn Academy of Music (30 Lafayette Ave, Fort Greene, Brooklyn)

In celebration of LGBT History Month and National Coming Out Day, BAM is hosting a film series devoted to the early ’90s movement of New Queer Cinema. There are screenings nearly every day from October 9 through 16, so take your pick. The doctor is especially interested in the 15th, when BAM will show a handful of shorts made by artists associated with AIDS activist group ACT UP.

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With listings by Kyle Chayka

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