Choosing the right Halloween costume is very important. (Big Bird image via Ricky’s)

With Halloween only three weeks away, those of us in the art community are facing a very important decision: what should we dress up as — Beast Jesus or Big Bird?

After Mitt Romney’s dig at PBS during the presidential debate, which spawned a host of Big Bird memes and fake Twitter accounts as well as an Obama ad featuring the beloved children’s character, the New York Times did what any sensible publication would do: dispatch a reporter to Halloween stores around town to find out if Big Bird costume sales are up. The result? They are! Some shops have sold out, while others have received requests but don’t stock it (and are now cursing themselves). Plus this:

Nationally, at Disguise Costumes in Poway, Calif., officially licensed manufacturer of Sesame Street costumes, Maddie Gerety, the product manager, said there had been a big spike in Big Bird sales — particularly in the adult male size.

Suspiciously, the wearer of the Beast Jesus costume also seems to be an adult male. Hmmmm.

Anyway, all of this raises a very big conundrum about what us artsy people should be for Halloween. (This is coming from someone who once went as a Richard Serra sculpture — really. So yes, it’s important.) Do we stand with President Obama and PBS, or do we stand with Cecilia Gimenez and her quest for royalties? What about some sort of hybrid Big Beast Jesus Bird? (TRADEMARK) Of course that may not be sexy enough for the ladies, so maybe we could have sexy versions of all of them: for Beast Jesus all you really need is the face and then you can wear a bikini on bottom, and wait, sexy Big Bird ALREADY EXISTS (and it’s worse than the one above).

All this talk of Big Bird can’t help but make me think of that lame Yellowism movement … so major points to whoever goes as the vandalized Rothko!

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