Detail from “Rainbow Roll No. 4” (2020) by painter and Pratt SCPS instructor Melissa Staiger

Rise to your creative potential with courses at Pratt Institute’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS) this fall. SCPS invites you to learn a new skill or technique, increase your hiring potential, improve your business, express your creativity, or deepen your
expertise from the safety and comfort of your home.

Art can be a powerful tool to connect, shake up, inspire, and transform lives. Pratt SCPS Fine Art courses in drawing, painting, game design, mixed media, and more offer artists and professionals the chance to take their skills to the next stage. Start now and earn a Fine Art Certificate at your own pace.

From Sunday, September 13 onward, Mark Leibowitz, the highest-rated instructor at SCPS, offers his superb Drawing I course. Enjoy a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of drawing, no prior experience necessary. 

SCPS Fine Arts Department includes many renowned professional artists, including painter Melissa Staiger, activist and performance artist Rebecca Goyette, and figurative artist RA Friedman. 

Courses include:

  • Brave New World: Daily Art Making Ritual
  • Ideas and Motivation in the Visual Arts: A Course for the Creatively Curious
  • Low-Fi Photography Workshop
  • Create a Picture Book
  • Leadership and Teambuilding Bootcamp for Artists & Designers

Don’t have time for a full course? Try an affordable October and November workshop such as Goddess Power, Drawing Games, and Drawing Marathon. 

There are no limits to the art you can create.

For more information and to register for Pratt SCPS Fine Art courses, visit

Pratt SCPS offers additional courses and certificates in Creative Interiors, Floral Art, Jewelry Design, and more.

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