The Bogart Salon (photo by Katarína Hybenová for Hyperallergic)

Earlier this week, Bushwick Daily reported some sad and surprising news: the Bogart Salon gallery would be closing on October 29. Only it turns out — happily — this isn’t true. Bushwick Daily had received a statement from gallery director Peter Hopkins to that effect, but Hyperallergic has since received one from owner Ted Hovivian, which says the gallery will only be taking a short break before reopening with a new focus. It reads, in part:

Ted Hovivian, the owner of the Bogart Salon has announced that the Salon will not be closing.

The focus of the Salon will be redirected and it will be reformatted after the current show ends on October 29, 2012. “The Salon has been open for the past fourteen months and it now time to recalibrate and begin a new voyage into the next phase of the Salon’s odyssey.”

Ted notes that the current gallery manager has done an outstanding job to bring the Salon into the art scene.

After a short hiatus the Salon will reopen with a firm dedication to emerging contemporary artists. According to Ted, their work is what makes the art world so vibrant and exciting. The gallery wants to maintain their commitment to these artists and especially the entire group of artists at The Bogart (56 Bogart Street).

We’re not sure what happened along the way to create confusion, but we’re glad to hear the newest news.

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