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Dancing Ai Weiwei and friends (Image via Ai’s Facebook page)

With this one, the title pretty much says it all. Ai Weiwei’s entire studio has participated in a remake of South Korean rapper PSY’s epic global pop hit “Gangnam Style.”

Ai already tweeted photos of his crew practicing their PSY-approved dance moves (as seen above), but now we have the full video to prove just how committed Ai is to his music career. Instead of “Gangnam Style,” the YouTube clip is titled “Cao Ni Ma” style, which refers to the Chinese euphemism “Grass Mud Horse,” a phrase used to get past internet censors that sounds the same as “fuck your mother.”

Political statements aside, Ai’s dance moves (plus his hot-pink shirt and black blazer combo) are pretty awesome.

Strange political protest or the beginning of a brand new music phenomenon? You decide. We wouldn’t really mind if Ai Weiwei became the next Asian pop superstar.

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