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From Tiny World (courtesy Apple)

I absolutely love nature documentaries. Even the least innovative ones usually manage to capture some astonishing footage of Earth and all its wonderful creatures. As part of its plan to gain a foothold in the streaming market, Apple TV+ is premiering several different nature docuseries this fall. The first is Tiny World, which, as its name suggests, is all about some of our smallest neighbors. And let me tell you, this shit, as the saying goes, is giving me life.

On a technical level, some of the photography this show pulls off is just astonishing. We’re accustomed to fantastical scenes of animals in action from docs like this, but rarely on the level that its working at, usually framed through the most extreme close-ups. If you step back for a second and take all the technical challenges into consideration, you can appreciate how cool this is. Or you can not think about that at all and just appreciate how endlessly adorable these critters are. Look at that pygmy marmoset playing with that bug! Look at it!

Tiny World is now available on Apple TV+.

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