Clockwise: 2nd Year MFA students Douglas Welsh, Jacinta Majitha, Marcelese Cooper, and Sydney Parks (photographs by 2nd Year MFA student Brent Reaney)

Four University of Houston School of Art MFA students share their experience in the program.

Marcelese Cooper, Photo and Digital Media (Santa Clarita, CA):

I consider all of the PDM grad students family. There’s a diverseness to what we do here, but there’s also a certain amount of fun and liveliness. And when they called me to offer admission to the program, they were the only school that felt like they were talking to me and not “Application 4577” … I took that as a sign of good things to come.

Jacinta Majithia, Sculpture (Medellin, Colombia):

Teaching is one of the things that I like about the program. I’m really passionate about what I do, so I get this chance to share it, and that’s my favorite part. And I am learning a lot from my students!

Sydney Parks, Interdisciplinary-Practices and Emerging Forms (College Station, TX):

I came to graduate school to create a completely different practice. I’m a painter. I’d started experimenting with digital media a little bit before I got here but knew I wanted to drag painting into the digital world. I just wanted space and time and that’s exactly what I have.

Douglas Welsh, Painting (Houston, TX):

It’s a really dynamic and interesting time to be an artist living in Houston. It’s not New York, it’s not LA, and that’s a good thing. It’s friendly, the doors are open. There are possibilities here.

The University of Houston School of Art offers a low-cost, high reward arts education in one of the nation’s largest and most diverse cities. They extend generous scholarship and fellowship assistance to all graduate students in its program.

Applications for the MFA and MA degree programs are currently open. Priority deadline is January 15th.