SVA MA Curatorial Practice students (and now graduates) Ikechukwu Casmir Onyewuenyi, Amanda Lee, and Jacqueline Kok using the program’s library and lounge

In this extraordinary time, in which so many of the corrosive operations of our societies are under forceful review, the labor and activism of cultural workers are all the more urgent and challenging — and with these challenges comes the power of capability, the power of agency. Our master’s degree program in Curatorial Practice at SVA is focused on doing, on learning every aspect of curatorial work, including the many forms of curatorial making, the histories and theories of curating, the technical crafts, and the social, political, and ethical considerations of the field.

We are incredibly fortunate to have faculty and international guests who bring remarkably deep and diverse experiences to our students, as well as a global network of connections. Both in-person and online, they offer the knowledge embodied in renowned exhibition-making involving film and video, performance, digital media, traditional practices, and unconventional ones, teaching everything from how to produce vastly different forms of curatorial productions to collecting strategies, grant writing, and working with varied architectural spaces. Workshops in writing, exhibition design, lighting design, conservation, and virtual rendering are all part of the program, with a total of approximately 75 curators and artists from around the world discussing their practices in detail — all of whom can add to the establishment of the students’ international professional networks.

We are close to hundreds of art galleries in Chelsea and all of New York City’s great museums. Our students are taken each year to a major international biennial, followed by an internship at a significant art institution somewhere in the world. Special talks and panel discussions bring still more experts to the program. We seek diversity of every kind, and small support grants toward tuition are merit-based.

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