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Polish Cultural Institute New York is proud to present Circula and ECO Solidarity during WantedDesign’s virtual trade show on Thursday, October 29, from 4:45–5:00pm (EDT).

ECO Solidarity is a multidisciplinary project that addresses the urgent need for a more human-centered approach to art, design, architecture, public wellbeing, and health, considering their social implications in public spaces. The project is centered around public furniture, in particular, the Circula solution by designer Tomek Rygalik, founder of

Circula is designed to reduce social isolation and strengthen societal bonds. Its concept is derived from theories pertaining to sustainability and the circular economy, which advocates for an ecological approach to design solutions. Circula provides a symbolic and functional space for dialogue, encouraging and facilitating direct social interactions. Once implemented, it supports public space and belongs to the community.

Circula is made of two objects, both circular in shape, one made of synthetic material (100% recycled plastic), and the other made of a naturally renewable resource: wood. The production methods focus on achieving a perfect closed circular form with the use of disparate materials and technologies. In dialectical terms, the objects navigate the area of sculpture and public furniture, generating space to reflect on the best use of eco-technologies by comparing and contrasting centuries-old wood processing techniques with contemporary recycling of plastics, which are products of overconsumption. The 100% recycled plastic was specially developed for Circula in collaboration with Boomplastic.

ECO Solidarity is a cooperation between designer Tomek Rygalik and the Polish Cultural Institute New York. Facing times of social distancing caused by environmental and humanitarian crises, ECO Solidarity brings various disciplines and industries from around the world into round-table discussions, with the mission of offering strategies that reintegrate displaced social bonds and foster community discourse around these issues through the medium of innovative contemporary design and art.

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