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After what had been seen as a tight race, nail-biting election returns, and an interminable wait period for Mitt Romney to actually concede (and for Barack Obama to come out and give a victory speech), we finally have a confirmed president for the next four years. Here’s what Obama’s win looked like in photos, GIFs, and memes that lit up the internet late last night.

Four more more years! Oh wait, no one can do that after FDR.

Dancing Obama 

(Image via Chris Ritter)

This Beyonce-inspired animation has become the chief GIF of the 2012 election, for good reason. It was originally created by Chris Ritter, before Obama even won! Also see his Gangnam Style version:

The Presidential Tweet 

Obama’s Tweet (Image via

Right as the electoral college was called in his favor, Obama simply tweeted “Four more years” with an image of him hugging Michelle. Awww. Incidentally, the tweet became the most popular tweet of all time, with over 500,000 retweets.

The First Family, 2.0 

(Image via

Malia and Sasha Obama have grown up quite a bit over the past four years, as was clear from their presence on the victory stage (plus awesome skirts).

 The Mac and Cheese 

“FISH OIL pills and ANNIE’s organic Mac and Cheese Mutually Beneficial vitamin E (Revelatory Concequence) And eyebrow ring (Hot Topic)” (2012) (Image by The Jogging)

The internet art project The Jogging had its own, shall we say unique, take on the election with this piece by Brad Troemel featuring a quote from Obama’s victory speech.

Confetti Fun 

(Image by Doug Mills via

The New York Times had this now-iconic shot of Obama at his speech podium, getting blizzarded in well-deserved confetti.

Zoolander Party

(Image via the Guardian)

GIF magic, from the Guardian. Ben Stiller should be jealous. (We kind of remember this one back from 2008, but still very relevant.)

Another Four Years

(Image via Business Insider)

Bloomberg Businessweek, which has recently had a run of powerful covers, contributed this vision of the future with a post-second-term rendering of Obama. What will the next four years bring?

Love the Future

Ai Weiwei x Obama (Image via @asiasecupol)

Courtesy of Ai Weiwei’s Twitter fans, we have this excellent mash-up over Obama, Shepard Fairey, and Ai, all mixed up into a glorious mess. The slogan “Love the Future” comes from a euphemism for Ai’s name used to get around censors: “Ai Wei Lai.” The “Yes We” is from our president, of course.

Two Wins in Colorado

It’s funny because marijuana is now basically legal in Colorado, thanks to the voting round. Also the Democratic party is the political left. Get it!?

Revenge of Big Bird

Sesame Street always gets the last word (or letter, in this case). The giant yellow avian won this round, Mitt.

It’s a Drag Race

For reasons that remain mysterious, RuPaul was a big presence in this election. He may have even cast the deciding vote.

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