traces around the apartment, Manuel Larrazàbal Scano

Traces around the apartment by Manuel Larrazàbal Scano (all photos by the author for Hyperallergic)

TURIN — Everything in this house moves … At any given moment, installations and tableaux are temporarily constructed around the house and then sometimes in your own room your audio set-up will be deconstructed. They are traces left by my housemates Manuel Larrazàbal Scano and possibly Renato Leotta, who normally create full-studio works but also use the entire apartment as their working canvas. Living in a community of artists here in Italy, where all resources are shared and possessions/private property doesn’t really exist, has been an adjustment for me, a New Yorker raised by capitalists. I am often torn between a celebration of messy human interactions and a desire for my (oops!) the teapot to be in the kitchen where I left it. Yesterday, we took on two more artists as guests sleeping in various nooks around the house. More guests will be arriving as Artissima, Torino’s international contemporary art fair approaches.

The latest excitement around the house is the news that Cripta 747, the project space run by two of my housemates, Elisa Troiano, and Renatto and our neighbor, Alex Tripodi, was invited into the main commercial floor of Artissima (!) because White Columns had difficulties with the hurricane in New York City. The timing is a miracle for Cripta747 who is seriously in need of ca$h! (You can donate here, if you are so inclined.) It will be their first art fair and they have a day to figure out how to present themselves to a new audience; they have a strong local cult following here in Torino. The massive concrete ex-crypt space is also used for music and performance programming, like 8-bit gangstar Pablito el Drito and the drumming and screaming Maria & the Mirrors.

installation-in-progress at Cripta 747, artist Kianoosh Motallebi, co-founder Elisa Troiano, and curator Sara De Chiara

Installation-in-progress at Cripta 747, pictured are (left to right) artist Kianoosh Motallebi, co-founder Elisa Troiano, and curator Sara De Chiara.

The project space is also preparing for a large exhibition that will be opening at the end of the week. Guest curators Sara De Chiara and Matteo Consonni will present Kianoosh Motallebi’s first solo show in Cripta 747 called Where is Your God Now? I spent hours last night helping Sara translate a long format writing about the exhibition-in-progress. Her text is not merely a description about Kianoosh’s work but a work in itself. Her Italian and English phrases are like complex poetry, it killed me to break them into simpler English grammer. Sara’s interpretation of the artist’s investigation into science’s relationship with the unseen mechanisms of reality, is a provocation in support of a belief in intuition and the unseen. We will continue installing all day today and the opening is at 6pm on Friday night but it always starts late.

In my desperate search for body and movement based works that will be surrounding or presented by Artissima I have found only a few leads. An area of Artissima is dedicated to “Art Walks,” an initiative of guided tours held by collectors and curators. I doubt that this is a performance but it could be a good one! Also, Pablo Bronstein will be presenting a performed installation at Piazza Santa Giulia this weekend. His work at the Tate involved a group of dancers exaggerating the perspective of the room with mirrored columns. I have never seen his work before and will be curious to see how Bronstein uses architectural design and drawing to engage with the imperial past of this piazza. And the final lead, and my favorite one, is that tonight my neighbor and fellow danzband ♥ member, Daniella Andrea Isamit Morales, will be walking to our local neighborhood billiard joint where she will offer her DJ skills is exchange for a regular Wednesday night dance party for all of us who are hungry for movement! TBD …

Enhance yr Spectrum, Ian Edmonds & Giovanni Sortino exhibition at GUM.

Tonight, there is an opening at GUM studio, also run by artists who live in our neighborhood and come over for dinner. “She couldn’t exorcize her awkwardness and lack of conviction. She sat dappled in light occasionally staring at the sun which screamed from in between the emerald mesh of leaves. A book had told her that dappled light is the best for humans.” There was a rumor that there will be a performance tonight also but I cannot confirm it.

 Artissima takes place in Turin, Italy, from November 9–11.

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