The California Institute of the Arts’ School of Art is committed to artistic innovation and critical reflection, which has been key to our enviable success in training artists who go on to make important contributions to their respective fields.

The programs in Art, Photography and Media, Art and Technology, and Graphic Design prepare graduates to thoughtfully challenge the prevailing conventions of artistic expression, develop new forms and become innovators and leaders in their chosen fields.

Each unique program offers specific courses of study and yet none is isolated from the others. True to the Institute’s founding ethos, students are highly encouraged to collaborate with one another across disciplines and to investigate hybrid art forms — not only within the School of Art but also throughout all of CalArts. This accumulation of varying expertise provides an invaluable foundation on which students can build an independent practice and expand upon the boundaries of artmaking.

The faculty at the School of Art seeks out highly motivated, independent-minded students with a strong desire to make art and to challenge conventional ideas. With critique and individual mentoring at the heart of an intensive educational experience, students will be guaranteed the flexibility to shape their own creative development, whether in painting or video, photography or performance, typography or sculpture, digital imaging or sound installation, or, increasingly, new options in multimedia technologies. CalArts gives students the necessary room to find their own voice.

For information on how to apply for Fall 2021, visit or contact the School of Art Admissions Counselor, Sam Chen, at