Four University of Houston School of Art Masters students share their experience in the program.

Veronica Gaona, MFA Photo and Digital Media (Brownsville, TX):

The School of Art supports you financially, which I really appreciate. Along with scholarships, there are other opportunities to apply for like project funding, and grants from the City of Houston.

The Latinx community in the program, but also outside through arts and social gatherings, have really given me a sense of place like I belong. I feel good about that.

Samiria Percival, Graphic Design MFA (Fort Hood, TX):

I love it. With our small cohort, it feels like a little family. It’s inspiring because this is like the overachievers from everywhere. You’re never in a bad space. Your critiques are always amazing because everyone has your best interests at heart.

Cammie Tipton-Amini, Art History MA (Macon, GA):

It’s an intimate program and we’re supportive of each other. The faculty have also been very nurturing. They’re challenging, they push you, but they’re also very supportive. We’re creating relationships that will guide us not just through the program but through our careers.

Michael Miller, Painting MFA (Shreveport, LA):

I was pleasantly surprised when I got here to find the school philosophy was true: this is an art school where they build the program around the artist. They hold that statement really true, and I challenge it every day.

The University of Houston School of Art offers a low-cost, high reward arts education in one of the nation’s largest and most diverse cities. They extend generous scholarship and fellowship assistance to all graduate students in its program.

Applications for the MFA and MA degree programs are currently open. Priority deadline is January 15th, 2021.