I really must have too much time on my hands since I giffed this.

Last Saturday, November 10th’s Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival one-day fair was a packed event that featured close to a hundred exhibitors that attracted thousands of fans from across the city. The enthusiasm on the two-floors of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel’s church hall in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, was palpable and the quality of publications were high — did I mention graphic novelist Ben Katchor and Chris Ware (among others) were there signing books?

The biggest drawback for the event, other than the crowds, was that it was nearly impossible to walk through the maze of exhibitors without the siren song of some obscure zine or deliciously zany graphic novel luring you in to take it home. I luckily escaped only $33 poorer, though one can also say I left four awesome items richer, but that’s another story.

Here are my happy finds.

Kate  Drwecka’s Unmasked (Coffee Spoon Comics) $1

A micro-comic that starts with a small joke and takes you on a micro-emotional journey. Who is good and who is bad?

Sy Wagon’s Those Fucking Unicorns (Pegacorn Press) $5

Why do we always talk about unicorns as if they’re God’s gift to humanity? Well, this is one very horny take on the most beloved of mythic creatures. You want to know why unicorns have horns? Let’s just say there’s an explanation here and it’s R-rated.

José-Luis Olivares’ Pansy Boy: Issue #1 (self-published) $2

Olivares once created Lady Boy and now he’s moved onto Pansy Boy. As a former pansy boy — yes, I was that fey — I immediately gravitated to this book, but the first four lines of dialogue got me hooked:

“The aliens have been defeated and the world is safe again.”
“Good job, Pansy Boy.”
“Ay Ay, Captain.”
“And now we must kiss … “

A Pansy Boy’s work is never done.

Ryan Dodgson and Moshe Rozenberg’s BRR (Itchy Roof) $25

One of the most innovative of the publications I found at the festival, BRR is a 36-page booklet and a 7″ clear vinyl record. You’re suppose to experience each page accompanied by the experimental music and let’s just say it’s quite an abstract journey that’s worth the price of admission.

Here’s a taste via YouTube but it’s no substitute for the real thing. Just in case you don’t have a record player they also offer a digital download. I hope this multi-sensory experience becomes more common in the comic world. May I politely suggest future editions include scratch and sniff?

The Brooklyn Comics and Graphic Festival took place on Saturday, November 10 from 12pm–7pm and boy did you miss out! If you want to learn more, check out Publishers Weekly’s article and photos.

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