Does Cyber Monday really exist? Who cares, but if you’re like us you’re looking for crazy stuff that isn’t another iDevice, or scarf or mug or whatever everyone else already has.

Here is our list of five items that should satisfy the most art-afflicted holiday gift junky.

Balloon Dogs

Take your pick, there’s something for everyone in this Jeff Koons-inspired category but our favorite is the silver balloon dog lamp ($34.99) available at Target.

Drugs or Art?

I already bought mine for the Miami art fairs, and I think this shirt by Print Revolution ($22) is the ultimate way of trolling for drugs, I mean, standing up for art!

Art Thieves

While this Playmobil set ($10.66) is labeled “jewel thieves,” it’s not hard to imagine your art thief-in-training (I mean, the set include a painting on an easel) could be using this set as a staging group for future exploits. (h/t @AbrahamRitchie)

Graffiti 101

Why should the big kids have all the fun? Don’t you want something that will make a “big, phat statement” as it says on the box of this graffiti starter kit ($9.99)? After your pre-teen perfects their calligraphic stylings with this box set, then it’s only a hop, skip, and a jump away from Krink pens and Snowman markers. Viva graffiti! Though not everyone is happy with it.

Artist-Made Christmas Ornaments

Nothing says “I love Christmas” quite like a contemporary artist’s take on the holidays. While many artists have designed holiday decorations, this pair of vintage Christmas tree ornaments (1980) ($120) by artist Becky Howland brings the warm and fuzzy of the season home with images of an oil rig, money bags, and oil tankers on fire. If anti-capitalist messaging is up your alley, then check out the rest of the stuff on 98 Bowery’s great online shop as well.

Happy Cyber Shopping!

Hrag Vartanian is editor-in-chief and co-founder of Hyperallergic.

5 replies on “5 Art Gifts for Cyber Monday”

  1. uhhhhh…don’t know how to say this. But “buy art not cocaine” was the slogan for The Cheaper Show two years ago.

    Their site is down, google “buy art not cocaine cheaper show” of see the link below.

  2. I thought Koons sued the crap out of the people making balloon dog things. I mean, I would be glad to hear he lost and doesn’t get a penny from anyone else using the image/object he appropriated in the first place. He didn’t CREATE the design or idea.. he just used something already in the world and ubiquitous… just as they are.

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