Cecilia Gimenez, “Las Bodegas de Borja” (2000) (Image via eBay)

Are you ready for the collecting opportunity of the century? Cecilia Gimenez, the (in)famous artist behind the “restoration” of Elias Garcia Martinez’s “Ecce Homo” in a church in northeastern Spain, is selling her original work on eBay.

Cecilia Gimenez’s Beast Jesus (image by Hyperallergic)

The painting is titled “Las Bodegas de Borja,” after the small town in which both Gimenez and the victim of her lucky restoration reside. Dated 2000, the rustic landscape has little in common with the artist’s more recent work, which may come as a surprise — Gimenez is fully capable of painting non-blurry, semi-realistic subjects.

Sadly, the earlier painting lacks the quirky charm of the Beast Jesus (left). Is it not amateurish enough? Maybe there would be more interest if it looked something like this:

Illustration by Hyperallergic

The auction for “Las Bodegas de Borja” ends December 18, and the current asking price is $821.00. The income from the piece will go to the Roman Catholic charity Caritas as part of a Christmas fundraising drive. Gimenez is still suing the church that houses her Beast Jesus for part of the income the zombie painting has bestowed upon them as donations, so it’s nice to see some holiday generosity on the part of the artist.

We daresay that if the original Beast Jesus was sold, it would fetch a much higher price.

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