A view of Sharon Butler’s DIY painting channel on Vimeo.

Seems like a simple idea, but writer, blogger, academic and artist Sharon Butler has put it into action. She tells us about her latest online project, “Suddenly it struck me: We need a TV channel about painting — so I decided to create one for Two Coats of Paint.” Her painting channel on Vimeo will select and post videos of all sorts related to the world of painting.

So far, she’s post two videos by James Kalm, one by Timothy Buckwalter, and one she created for her own presentation at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

Butler explains, “I’d love to encourage painters to make videos about their process/practice and submit them. They would have to create their own Vimeo pages, upload their videos, and then send me a link. I’ll publicize it on Two Coats of Paint and elsewhere in the blogosphere. I hope the channel eventually develops it’s own following.”

You can submit videos to: twocoatsofpaint [at] gmail.com.

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