This is Robert Indiana first large-scale “LOVE” sculpture (1970 by Lippincott) ever made and it is in the collection of the Indianapolis Museum of Art in Indianapolis, Indiana. The color of the sculpture will change in the next few years, according to the museum website:

Over the next few years, the clean, freshly exposed Cor-ten steel will re-weather outside and the smooth steel will transform from silver to a variegated purplish brown patina with iridescent overtones. The first stage of this process may surprise viewers because the sculpture will turn birth orange due to rusting which results from the steel being exposed to repeated wet and dry cycles outdoors. The pace of the change in patina will depend on weather conditions, but eventually the object will turn brown and then continue darkening to its popular, recognizable appearance.

The image was snapped by museum conservator Richard McCoy and used with his permission.

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