In response to the current moment — both nationally and globally — the Asia Society Triennial’s mission is to connect cultures and inspire visitors through the arts.

This second installment of the Triennial, titled We Do Not Dream Alone, brings together a diverse range of artists showcasing a multitude of perspectives that highlight Asia’s rich contribution to the canon of contemporary art. The exhibition comprises more than 30 works — over half of which are new commissions — across the mediums of painting, sculpture, installation, video, and performance.

Among these commissions is an immersive virtual reality experience by Shanghai-based artist Lu Yang, as well as an installation of hand-thrown terra-cotta and white clay vases modeled after Hellenistic urns by Reza Aramesh

Visitors will also experience new works such as a photograph series by New Delhi-based multimedia artist Vibha Galhotra exploring issues of sustainability and food systems, and an interactive work by identical twin artists, Mountain River Jump! (Huang Shan + Huang He) merging the traditional Chinese practice of divination with contemporary technology. 

Another highlight is an outdoor sculpture installation on Park Avenue at 70th Street by Chinese artist Xu Zhen titled “Eternity — Male Figure, Statue of Venus Genetrix.” The sculpture comprises an inverted replica of an eleventh-century figure from Cambodia that is part of the Asia Society Museum Collection, angled on top of a replica of a second-century Roman figure of Venus Genetrix that is in the collection of the J. Paul Getty Museum. The installation, which will be on view through June 27, 2021, when Part 2 closes, is undertaken in partnership with the Fund for Park Avenue under the auspices of the NYC Parks, Art in the Parks program. 

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