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From WHALES SPF 50 (2017), dir. Wickerham & Lomax (image courtesy Flaherty)

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Each year, the venerable documentary film organization the Flaherty presents a special screening program in New York. As with many cultural events, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted Flaherty’s plans last year. The 2020 programmers in residence — Alia Ayman, Suneil Sanzgiri, and Devon Narine-Singh — had to work with new, unprecedented constraints to curate engaging remote events for the organization. Their final series for Flaherty, To Feel, To Feel More, To Feel More Than, streams this weekend.

The two-night program consists of a series of short films that collectively look at “how media ecosystems, digital detritus, and cultural memory are navigated across boundaries, identities, and history.” Titles range from Georges Méliès’s Long Distance Wireless Photography, a 1908 comedy about technical problems with a revolutionary “remote viewing” machine, to 2019’s Kink Retrograde, Bassem Saad’s sci-fi-flavored look at how a decade of war in Syria has affected both the environment and people’s lifespans.

The events will be streamed live, beginning April 2 at 8pm EST and April 3 at 4pm EST. Both programs will be followed by conversations between Narine-Singh, Sanzgiri, Ayman, and some of the filmmakers featured. Tickets for each night can be purchased individually for $15, or together in a $25 bundle.

When: April 2-3
Where: Online via Flaherty

More info available at Flaherty.

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