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Blogger-cum-curator Olympia Lambert has opened an ambitious project in of all places, Paterson, New Jersey.

Organized in collaboration with Paterson Arts Council, Lambert’s Escape From New York exhibition includes work by 45 contemporary New York artists. The artists include such 2010 Whitney Biennial talents as Bruce High Quality Foundation and Kate Gilmore, but there are some emerging and even some relatively unknown names in the mix that are sure to surprise even the most art worn observer.

Though, while Escape … may be the one getting most of the press, it is only one of three exhibitions — the other two are Great Fallings and Making Wave — that have taken over the massive Industry Mill (Fabricolor) at 24 1/2 VanHouten St in what is known as Paterson’s Great Falls Historic District.

Lambert has transformed her part of the warehouse takeover with large installations (Nicholas Fraser, Thomas Lendvai ), performance works (An Xiao, Man Bartlett … ), video projections (BHQF, Gilmore … ), and small works (which in all honestly I don’t think fair as well in the huge cavernous spaces).

Enjoy some images I snapped from the opening event last weekend.

Escape From New York will be open to the public each weekend 11 AM – 6 PM, from May 15 through June 19, 2010. The exhibition is located on the second, fourth and fifth floors of the building.

Everyone had their cameras ready for the sights inside the Paterson Silk Factory building (click to enlarge)

Joanne McNeil or Tomorrow Museum takes part in An Xiao, “The Artist Is Kinda Present” (2010) (click to enlarge)

Installation by Nicholas Fraser (2010) with Tamas Veszi’s “Dark-matter” in background (click to enlarge)

Micah Ganske, “The Full Picture” (200?) (click to enlarge)

Sculptures by Stephan Fowlkes (click to enlarge)

Thomas Lendvai, “Untitled” (2010) (click to enlarge)

People watching Kate Gilmore, “Walk This Way” (2008) (click to enlarge)

Man Bartlett “#cleandream” (2010) performance (click to enlarge)

Installation by Sean Slemon (click to enlarge)

Detail of Jennifer Dalton, “Would You Rather Be a Pig or a Loser?” (2006) (click to enlarge)

Photo of video, Bruce High Quality Foundation, “Isle of the Dead” (2009) (click to enlarge)

For more photos from the exhibition, visit here.

Full disclosure: Escape From New York was a sponsor of Hyperallergic earlier this month, and Lambert has contributed to this blogazine.

Hrag Vartanian is editor-in-chief and co-founder of Hyperallergic.

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