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Our poetry editor, Joe Pan, has selected a poem by Jess Mynes for his fourth in a monthly series that brings original poetry to the screens of Hyperallergic readers.

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streetwrk, “singin in the rain” (2012) (via

The question of your face
in the mirror, loggerhead
shrike. I’ve chosen what
I’ve chosen, how these choices
amount to the present, Euphoria
In a Hat. Is rain a
motion? no fixed
perspective, every material
carries in it an inherent form, gilded
flicker. Same things in same ways,
greater yellowlegs, lesser
nighthawk. Your dot is
orange. Sadness is
a commonplace for
realization, to resist
the undertow long enough
to visit the wreckage. I identify
with the perfect
day. Flat bottomed clouds the sun
highlights, a kind of warped
space, leaving the dog ear
in draught, hillside foments
gone to flower. Indulgence
with a leg up on the 9-5,
Virginian Cocktails, Smilodon fatalis,
a mustached fisherman
in the sun. Effective Immediately,
No Plastic Flowers. Spring
trees’ red buds litter interrupting
sidewalk’s pneumonic grey,
dandelions siege the
curb. Life as it disappears, inherent
in your shackles,
inherit your shackles,
Tomorrow is the Question. 

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Jess Mynes

Jess Mynes is a poet and is editor of Fewer and Further Press. He lives in Wendell, Massachusetts and works as cataloguer and reference librarian.