For the last few years, we’ve been hosting journalism fellowships for curators with the support of the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation. From the important work of Laura Raicovich on the culture of museums to Rea McNamara’s investigations of art and feminisms online, we’re proud of the work we’ve produced in collaboration with our fellows. 

This time we’ve decided to do something different, particularly in light of the pandemic restrictions still in place in most of the world. We know curators are finding it hard to find the resources to do their own work, so we’re inviting curators to submit short proposals for projects they are currently working on for a $5,000 grant that will help you in your research, while offering the public a window into your process.

We’re interested in demystifying the process of curation. We’re eager to help curators explore new ideas. And we’re excited to share insights from curators with a general audience outside of traditional institutional spaces. If those sync up with your goals, then this opportunity might be a good fit for you.

Each applicant should submit a 250-word proposal or project description explaining their area of research, why it’s important now, and how they would like to present their work to the public.

Each Fellow will be expected to contribute two articles to Hyperallergic, participate in a recorded online event, and produce an email exhibition based on some of the material from your research, all within the one-month fellowship period.

What’s an email exhibition, you ask?

Good question. Like the evolution of mail art, which has since incorporated email and other epistolary forms of communication, an email exhibition is an exhibition that is shared via email — straightforward so far, no? We’re interested in curators who are eager to take on this more experimental form. Perhaps you will curate a stash of never-before-seen images from a newly discovered sketchbook, or archival documents that illuminate a little-known period in an artist’s life, or maybe you’ll bring together a combination of recent and historical works according to an exciting new concept. Whatever it is, we’re interested in helping you make it possible and sending it to our 150,000 subscribers.

Emerging curators are welcome but we want you to be upfront about your limitations, what you plan to exhibit, and how the fellowship will help you realize your goals. Proposals with concrete plans for exhibition will be given priority, and no it doesn’t matter if it is a well-known museum or grassroots art space, as both will be treated equally. 

Please email with your 250 word proposal in the body of the email, along with 2–4 relevant images or files (sound files, jpegs, videos, etc.), and relevant links, including to your website and social accounts. Attachments should not exceed 25MB. Include a resume or CV, and please outline any potential conflicts of interest, which include any financial or personal relationships you might have with those you plan to exhibit or the organizations you plan to work with. 

We hope to accept a wide range of fellows, both experienced and just starting out, and plan to host one fellow a month from August to December. We do expect professionalism in your correspondence and a clear vision for your research and work and encourage people who can work independently to apply. If there are any limitations on the use of images for your project, such as permissions from major archives or reproduction fees, please indicate that in your proposal as such factors may limit the feasibility of an email exhibition. Make sure to also let us know which months you would like to do the fellowship and which months are absolutely not possible with your schedule.

Deadline for proposals is June 30, 2021 at 11:59 pm EDT.

Hrag Vartanian is editor-in-chief and co-founder of Hyperallergic.