Books, T-Shirts, and More in the Hyperallergic Store

hyper-storey-320Let’s say you’re a fan of Hyperallergic. You’re reading this now, you enjoy our articles, you even like them on Facebook and email them to your parents or friends sometimes (thank you for doing that!). We want you to know that we appreciate your support endlessly; we don’t take it for granted.

A lot of our readers may not realize, though, that in addition to all the content we work so hard on, there’s another element of Hyperallergic’s online presence: our store. We recently stocked it with lots of new, awesome, inexpensive stuff, and we wanted to give you a taste of what’s on offer.

Hyperallergic Store T-shirts

To-Smithereens-CoverFirst, we’re proud to announce that we’ve teamed up with Black Square Editions, the press founded by poet, critic, and Hyperallergic Weekend editor John Yau. Black Square has been publishing and resurrecting all sorts of independent books since 1999, and we currently have more than 20 volumes of poetry, fiction, and essays for sale. These include books by another of the Hyperallergic Weekend editors, Albert Mobilio, and by Weekend contributors Lynn Crawford, Michael Leong, and Barry Schwabsky, as well as a long lost novel by artist Rosalyn Drexler, translations of writers passed over by mainstream history, and lots more fascinating reading. We’re thrilled about joining forces with Black Square Editions, not least because it’s only the first of other partnerships to come.

Second, for those more interested in wearing their highbrow associations than reading them, there’s our Art Library t-shirt series. Conceived and created by graphic designer Peter Rentz, the series includes five different shirts, each featuring the frontispiece of an important, art-related first edition book and a small, colorful Hyperallergic logo slapped over it. The shirts mix old-school scholarship with our twist on contemporary appropriation — and did we mention they’re only $20?

Whether you want to support us beyond readership or just like what we do and are curious, we encourage you to take a look (and share it with people you know!). But no matter what, thank you for reading! We couldn’t do it without you.

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