Yayoi Kusama is one of the world’s most important contemporary artists and the Gropius Bau in Berlin is devoting itself to the first comprehensive retrospective of her work in Germany. Taking place across almost 3,000 square meters, Yayoi Kusama: A Retrospective offers an overview of the key periods in Kusama’s oeuvre, which spans more than 70 years, showcasing her most recent works as well as a newly realized Infinity Mirror Room. The retrospective traces the development of the artist’s creative output, from her early paintings and accumulative sculptures to her immersive environments, and also explores her lesser-known artistic activity in Germany and Europe.

At the heart of Hella Jongerius’s artistic practice is the connection between industry and craft as well as traditional knowledge and technology. The Gropius Bau presents a solo exhibition dedicated to the artist and designer that will continue to develop over the course of time. In Jongerius’s work, weaving plays a significant role, being one of the oldest cultural technologies that is also at the root of digital code. Entitled Woven Cosmos, the exhibition uses interactive elements to engage visitors in the artist’s open-ended, process-oriented techniques, encouraging a critical examination of issues around production and sustainability. Apart from Jongerius’s experimental research into innovation, the exhibition highlights her ongoing inquiry into how we relate to objects — and how they can heal us.

For further information, visit gropiusbau.de.