What People Are Saying About George W. Bush’s Bathroom Paintings

dubyatf-HOMEIt should be expected that anything related to George W. Bush and art will generate discussion, so we couldn’t wait to see the comments from the netizenry about the latest Presidential Sunday painter.

So, after we published a post about the now infamous paintings, we couldn’t wait to hear what others are thinking.

Here are some of our favorites:

And here are the Bush paintings that I’m sure we’d all like to see:

And from our Facebook and blogazine comments:

  • “Trolling is an art. W’s presidency was a performance piece but now he’s an outsider artist.” —uffthefluff
  • “Obviously Bush feels like he’s dirty and needs to cleanse himself… maybe of the blood of Iraqi children?” —Bob Bruno
  • “P.S. George W. is a far better painter than Hitler.” —Gerry Visco
  • “DubyaTF?” —Eugene Ratigliano
  • “The ex-emperor has no clothes.” —Lola Scarpitta
  • “I feel like this is violating his privacy. Sorry, but private emails of former President is not for public consumption. And no I am not a fan of Bush W.” —Suzanne Louise
  • “Is this what is called ‘outsider art?'” —Geoff Bush

And for the meme-inclined. Ryder Ripps has created an overlay for your to take a photo of yourself peering into Bush’s tub. Creepy? Yes.

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