Two Overexposed Cultural Figures Get Just a Little More Overexposed

Illustration by Hyperallergic
Illustration by Hyperallergic

Think of the most overexposed figures in creative culture. I’ll give you a few hints: One stared at people for months straight in a major museum, had an opera made about her life, and is creating a museum-like institution devoted to her chosen medium. The other has turned his life into performance art, dabbled as a sculptor, and written a vanity short story collection, alongside a stint working on a soap opera.

Have you guessed yet? It’s Marina Abramović and James Franco! And now, one is making a movie about the other. But it’s probably not in the order you think. Abramović is shooting a movie about the illustrious life of Franco. The performance art doyenne told Elle that she thinks Hollywood’s faux bad boy and the art world’s eternal mosquito is “the most interesting actor of the moment.”

Sure, Franco is doing a lot, and that’s cool. But when you’re falling asleep in graduate school, writing inane poetry, and tossing off weird acting stunts, maybe it’s time to cut back on your to-do list. At least Abramović acknowledges that Franco’s cross-genre experiments haven’t all been great — “he’s crossing all kinds of borders and not always with great success,” she said.

There’s no word yet as to whether or not Abramovic is actually starring in the new bio-pic, but that’s something that might actually make us go and see the movie.

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