Turn GIFs into Glitch Art

GIF captures from gifmelter by Hyperallergic
All GIF captures from gifmelter by Hyperallergic

With the launching of Vine and the increasing ease of shooting portable video, you might be a little tired of the GIF. It’s so short! So looping! There’s no sound! Fortunately, Tim Baker and Chris Shier have come up with a way to freshen up your GIFs — by melting them.

Their gifmelter is a website and a bookmarklet that turns any GIF into a psychedelic haze, blowing out the images’ borders into a rainbow of pixels. The resulting aesthetic has a lot in common with the datamoshing practiced by artists like Takeshi Murata and Yung Jake, who warp the integrity of digital files to create surreal effects. Check out Murata’s “Monster Movie” below.

Combine gifmelter with the new GIF-focused search engine Giphy for maximum effect. Guaranteed, you’ll never look at a GIF quite the same way again. Just pop a URL into their site and watch as it bleeds into a tiled background, blurring into abstraction. Now all we need is a plugin to turn GIFs into the backgrounds of Jackson Pollock paintings. Anyone?



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