Weekend Words: Honey

Woodcut of bees from "Insectorum sive Minimorum Animalium Theatrum" (1634) by Edward Wotton, Conrad Gesner and Thomas Penny. (Image via vintageprintable.com)
Woodcut of bees from “Insectorum sive Minimorum Animalium Theatrum” (1634) by Edward Wotton, Conrad Gesner, and Thomas Penny. (Click to enlarge) (Image via vintageprintable.com)

A brief report in this week’s Science Times tells us that “some plants, notably coffee and citrus, attract pollinators with caffeine-laced nectar, which gets the bees hooked as repeat customers.” Weekend Words welcomes the news of a hitherto unknown species of caffeine addicts with a squirt of honey:

“Who writes poetry imbibes honey from the poisoned lips of life.”

—William Rose Benet

“Bees in a garden make a specialty of honey and so does honey. Honey
and prayer. Honey and there. There where the grass can grow nearly
four times yearly.”

—Gertrude Stein

“I dreamt — marvellous error! — that I had a beehive here inside my heart. And the golden bees were making white combs and sweet honey from my old failures.”

—Antonio Machado

The evening light was like honey in the trees
When you left me and walked to the end of the street
Where the sunset abruptly ended.

—John Ashbery

“What is happening to me happens to all fruits that grow ripe.
It is the honey in my veins that makes my blood thicker, and my soul quieter.”

—Friedrich Nietzsche

“One day while I was not at home
While she was there and all alone
The angels came
Now all I have is memories of Honey
And I wake up nights and call her name
Now my life’s an empty stage
Where Honey lived and Honey played
And love grew up
And a small cloud passes overhead
And cries down on the flower bed
That Honey loved”

—Bobby Goldsboro, “Honey”

“The arctic honey blabbed over the report causing darkness”

—John Ashbery

She’s my baby, I’m her pap
I’m her booby, she’s my trap
I am caught and I don’t want to run
‘Cause I’m having so much fun with Honey Bun

Believe me sonny
She’s a cookie who can cook you till your done
Ain’t being funny
Sonny put your money
On my Honey Bun”

—Rogers and Hammerstein, “Honey Bun” from South Pacific

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