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What’s a more accessible portal into art than through the creators’ own words? For the past decade, the PBS series Art21 has captured the process and evolution of artists’ individuals stories through in-depth interviews, and now Hyperallergic is hosting a giveaway for three box sets (retailing at $79.99) of their first six seasons, so you our sharp and knowledgeable readers can even further expand your minds through this intimate and informative view of art.

From Mike Kelley’s countering his “bad boy” artist reputation as a “cheap putdown,” to Cindy Sherman’s description of her early performed characters as New York street armor,” to John Baldessari’s admittance of being a pack rat, Art21 has interviewed creators from all over the contemporary art spectrum. The series includes 24 episodes, each one hour long (a whole day of accessible art talk!), each with a behind-the-scenes glimpse through studio, home, and gallery visits into not just how an artist makes his or her work, but also their personal influences and background stories.

By inviting the leading artists of the 21st century to discuss their art in their own words, Art21 has aimed to capture something of the contemporary art landscape as a whole and its diversity of technique and veins of influence. Yet more than that, the program is also engaged with connecting art to ideas beyond its own creation, and seeing how it is involved with changing our perceptions and interactions with the world.

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