Installation view of

Installation view of “Walking Into the Dashboard” at 319 Scholes during The World’s First Tumblr Art Symposium.

If you were in attendance at Hyperallergic’s recent Tumblr Art Symposium, you might have noticed a curated collection of tumblelogs projected onto the walls of the 319 Scholes gallery space. The exhibition was created with the help of equipment provided by Tekserve Rentals, which offers an array of computer rentals to individuals and businesses.


We used Tekserve’s projectors to display auto-scrolling versions of some of the coolest art projects on Tumblr. The show, called Walking Into the Dashboard, considered how Tumblr has become a medium unto itself for artists. The projectors and computers from Tekserve helped to materialize the ideas and creations of the artists, writers, and scholars who participated in the symposium.

When dealing with digital art, it’s often hard to present it in a physical space. Tekserve’s resources made that a simple process. The company offers rentals of everything from computers and media players to displays and accessories with software bundled in to the deal. Check out their full list of options on their website.

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