The Shy Design Gestures of Ana Kraš

A native of Serbia, Ana Kraš is a New York-based designer best known for her handmade modernist objects, including the Bonbon lamps, which are colorful, modernist, pendant lamps that she says engross her in a form of meditation as she makes them one by one.

“I want to be comfortable, and I want the objects around me to be user-friendly, and help me to do my life in the easiest way,” she explains.

Her designs, she explains, are usually “shy and quiet” and are riffs off more classical forms that she transformed with playful and attractive twists. Kraš’s love of handmade objects originated from her studies in Belgrade, where without the benefit of computers she was forced to realize her ideas by hand. If you were to describe Kraš’s work, you might call it elegantly simple but visually luxurious.

In her film for The Avant/Garde Diaries, Kraš takes us into the private world of her creativity, her studio, her romance, and New York City itself, the metropolis she now calls home.