Editor’s note: In the following series, artist Lawrence Swan explores the notion of capitalization in the art world and the plight of the uncapitalized artist. Part One appeared on Wednesday.

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This week, the Getty Museum is returning ancient terracottas to Italy, parsing an antisemitic mural at Documenta, an ancient gold find in Denmark, a new puritanism, slavery in early Christianity, and much more.

Lawrence Swan

Lawrence Swan is an uncapitalized artist/writer who lives in Brooklyn with his wife Lori Ellison. He is working on a documentary novel entitled Panic in Decade Zero.

8 replies on “A Graphic Essay on Capitalization, Part Two”

  1. I am really liking this series. The collage presentation is awesome and the format of a visual essay is a breath of fresh air, not to mention bringing along interesting ideas. Who are the art world’s most “capitalized” artists?

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