Last night, three works by the infamous British street artist Banksy popped up in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and the city’s street art scene have been clamoring to understand the meaning of these “sad clowns” that are spread around the north Brooklyn neighborhood.

“Everyone loves a clown,” coffee shop owner Rodrigo Bandes told me after I approached him for comment. “But why are they so sad?”

The imagery, which varies from a small two-color stencil on Franklin Avenue to a 12 foot high work on Wythe Avenue, depict clowns in contemplative and melancholic moods. The clowns seems atypical for an artist who normally includes political commentary in his work.

“Is Banksy depressed,” asked one onlooker, who stood in front of the large sad clown on Wythe, before he started to sob into his hands.

“Those are real Banksys?” Sira Sirivanis asked as she stopped to consider the stenciled work of a sad clown praying. “Even a clown needs God,” she said before falling to her knees to pray in front of the street art work.

Rumors are that the three identified works are part of a larger series of sad clowns that will be unveiled in the next few days in Greenpoint.

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20 replies on “New Banksy Works Pop Up in Greenpoint Overnight”

          1. Hrag, you are confusing the distinction between the Northside and the Southside. Northside does not equal Greenpoint.

          2. Greenpoint starts at N12th, essentially. This is at N10th. It was a generalization for a spoof. Though I’ve met an old timer who lived on Metropolitan for decades and used to say Greenpointfor his area north of Metropolitan.

    1. williamsburg is very small. n 10th is greenpoint. youve been bamboozled by real estate speak. btw there’s no east williamsburg either.

          1. Yea it does. Going by the postal codes marked on the map, (11211 being Williamsburg and 11222 being Greenpoint) if one were to walk down N.12th Street towards the water along the southwestern side of McCarren, the entire area of McCarren would be in the 22 code. Then, at Berry Street the line follows McCarren up to N.15th Street, takes a right and then travels along N.15th to Bushwick Inlet and the water. Above Quay Street to the north would be the beginning of the Greenpoint Piers. However, according to my map the 11 code ends at N.14th, which would make N.14th the Williamsburg-Greenpoint dividing line. One would reason that when the North streets ended, Greenpoint would begin, but N.15th Street along its entire length is part of the 22 code, making N.15th Street actually part of Greenpoint. Happy to be of service!

      1. Actually, there is an East Williamsburg. I have a Hagstrom street atlas from the late 80’s which defines the area boundaries as being Grand Street to the north, Union Ave to the west, Bushwick Ave to the east, and Broadway to the south, calling it East Williamsburg directly on the map itself. Also, in those days McCarren Park was considered part of Greenpoint.

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