Now that the fairs are (finally) over, there’s a good chance you have an art hangover. Don’t worry, the doctor has you covered. In fact, you can start the week off with an art fair hangover party (it’s actually called that) at Swann Auction Galleries. That should help you on your way.

From there, the doctor’s prescribing a host of events that are about as far from art fairs are you can get:  openings on the Lower East Side, a lecture about death, art museum day, an academic symposium on Vermeer, and a conversation out of the city at Storm King Art Center. There are many ways to be in the art world without the art fairs; these are some of them.

Marilyn Monroe (via Flux Factory)

The image for Wednesday night’s event at Flux Factory

 Art Fair Hangover Cure

When: Tuesday, May 14, 6–8 pm
Where: Swann Art Galleries (104 East 25th Street, 5th floor, Gramercy, Manhattan)

The art fairs are done. You have a hangover. The best cure, of course, is more of the same, which in this case means more contemporary art and more drinking. Swann Auction Galleries has you covered: the auction house is throwing a party on Tuesday night that features both. See what they’ve got lined up for their spring contemporary art sale and down a delicious cocktail sponsored by Russian Standard Vodka.

What’s Fame Really Like?

When: Wednesday, May 15, 8pm
Where: Flux Factory Gallery (39-31 29th Street, Long Island City, Queens)

Flux Factory has taken a topic of endless, mind-numbing discussion — how to survive as an artist in New York City — and turned it into something irreverent, or at least more fun than usual. Wednesday night’s installment of the Fake It ‘Til You Make It series will be a discussion of what it’s really like to be a public figure, with musician JD Samson (Le Tigre), internet entrepreneur Josh Luvvy Harris, and video and performance artist Ann Hirsch, all moderated by performance artist Nathaniel Sullivan. #RealTalk

Image from CONCRETE POET (via Charles Bank Gallery

A collage by Scott Zieher (via Charles Bank Gallery)

A Concrete Art Poet

When: Opens Wednesday, May 15, 6–9 pm
Where: Charles Bank Gallery (196 Bowery, Lower East Side, Manhattan)

Artist Scott Zieher’s collages are a form of concrete poetry, and his poetry is created through a process of collage. Or, as he explains it in his artist statement:

The title CONCRETE POET seemed to make clear my general approach to a first solo exhibition after 20 years of making art with no thought toward corralling what I made into anything coherent, all while simultaneously writing poetry. I’ve had to reconcile the two impulses in some way, and the way to most effectively eliminate any distraction was to make them one.

The works are mainly made up of paper he found while walking the streets of New York City. We’re excited to see the results.

 The School of Death

When: Thursday, May 16, 6:30–9 pm
Where: Family Business Gallery (520 West 21st Street, Chelsea, Manhattan)

For its latest exhibition, Family Business gallery is playing host to the Cabinet-magazine-organized School of Death. Sounds morbid, we know, but also intriguing. On Thursday night, philosopher Simon Critchley (who co-organized the school) will deliver a lecture titled “Learn How to Die” — a task that apparently takes two and a half hours. Good luck.

Sheryo + The Yok, "Untitled," paper on traditional Chinese maps framed

Sheryo x the Yok, “Untitled,” paper on traditional Chinese maps framed (via Krause Gallery)

 Pipe Dreams

When: Opens Thursday, May 16 – June 20, 2013
Where: Krause Gallery (149 Orchard Street, Lower East Side, Manhattan)

For Pipe Dreams, their first solo show, Brooklyn artist duo Sheryo and the Yok are exhibiting dozens of works in a range of media: hand-painted porcelain and ceramic wall plates, spray paint on paper and traditional Chinese maps. The works are all blue on white, and the artists create powerful juxtapositions by combining elements of Eastern and Western art traditions and by painting a street-art Pop style on classical forms.

Michael Schmelling, "Untitled (Appendix 2)," from the series The Plan, (2005–2009) Courtesy the artist. Work on view at A Different Kind of Order: The ICP Triennial.

Michael Schmelling’s “Untitled (Appendix 2),” from the series “The Plan” (2005–09), will be on view at “A Different Kind of Order: The ICP Triennial” (courtesy the artist)

 ICP Triennial

When: Opens Friday, May 17
Where: International Center of Photography (1133 Avenue of the Americas, Midtown, Manhattan)

The ICP Triennial offers a good chance to survey what’s going on in the world of contemporary photography and video. This year’s show, titled A Different Kind of Order, is all about the current unstable state of our world, and includes artists Walid Raad, Lisa Oppenheim, Wangechi Mutu, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, and more.

 Museum Day!

When: Saturday, May 18
Where: Various locations around NYC

Go visit a museum near you for Association of Art Museum Directors Museum Day! That means admission should be discounted or free at places like the Asia Society, the Noguchi Museum, the Bronx Museum, and the Frick Collection, plus they may have other special programs going on. See the full list here; hundreds of institutions around the country are taking part. And if you tweet, use the hashtag #ArtMuseumDay.

 Vermeer’s Daughter?

When: Saturday, May 18, 11 am–6 pm
Where: Cantor Film Center (36 East 8th Street, Greenwich Village, Manhattan)

The New York Institute for the Humanities and NYU’s Humanities Initiative have convened an all-day symposium on the topic of Vermeer’s daughter. To wit: art history professor Benjamin Binstock proposed in a book a few years ago that a handful of “problem paintings” in the Vermeer canon might actually have been painted by his daughter, Maria, who he suggests is also the subject of “Girl with a Pearl Earring.” The symposium will take up Binstock’s theory, as well as the academy’s silence about it, creating a daylong meta-discussion about Vermeer, his daughter, art, academia, and the ways in which history gets written.

Lorna Williams, "Untitled," (2013), mixed media, dimensions variable

Lorna Williams, “Untitled,” (2013), mixed media, dimensions variable (via Dodge Gallery)

 Lorna Williams’s Appositions

When: Opens Saturday, May 18
Where: DODGE Gallery (15 Rivington Street, Lower East Side, Manhattan)

As the title of her second solo show, appositions: still / birth / shit, suggests, Lorna Williams is interested in the body in basic, unglamorous ways. She explores the theme by incorporating plastic teeth, locked hair, root systems, pipes, thorns, and the carcass of a taxidermied reptile, to name a few of the materials, into collage sculptures that sound a bit darker, perhaps more confrontational, than her previous work.

 A Conversation at Storm King

When: Sunday, May 19, 2 pm
Where: Storm King (1 Museum Road, New Windsor, NY)

Although it’s not quite as easy to reach as its across-the-river art institution Dia:Beacon, Storm King Art Center is a gorgeous place that’s well worth the visit, particularly now that warmer weather is upon us. If you can catch a bus or have a car, head up this Sunday to listen to two artists whose starting points are the way we understand the environment, David Brooks and Mark Dion, talk about their work in the ultimate scenic art environment.

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