Watch an Artist Have a Meltdown and Destroy a Canvas With Panache

Most folks, most days, enjoy turning their internet dial to Hyperallergic for incisive news and commentary that elevates the discourse on art. And it is with the utmost respect for that sensibility that we bring to you this gem of a mid-critique artist breakdown, a true must-see for any cultured person/viral video meltdown enthusiast.

artist-breakdown-BIGIn brief: the artist, in black, presents her piece — she is plainly not enthused about painting as a medium nor is she a fan of this particular effort of hers. In fact, she “really, like, dislike[s] it a lot.” She continues, “I don’t really know what it means but I like the fact that there’s, like, it’s a figure with a line going across its eyes like it’s blinded, maybe someone could draw meaning from that …”

Her peers, noting that she’s a fashion student, offer some delightful pointers before finally dropping the ever-helpful suggestion that her work is self-obsessed. At the 2:20 mark, she exclaims, “This is such fucking bullshit,” and unleashes a pyrotechnic reckoning of stomps and flails upon her canvas.

Perhaps we’ve been had, and this is some high-concept work masquerading as viral fodder. Either way, don’t miss it.

h/t UBIK

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