Ryder & Hazel and The Drums (courtesy TSqArts)

Ryder & Hazel and The Drums (image courtesy @TSqArts)

As the temperatures in New York rise into the summer heights, there is a place in Times Square that’s always frozen. The Aspen Social Club on 47th Street, with its tree trunks sprouting in the walls, decorative deer antlers, and icy-toned waterfall replicating a Rocky Mountain slope, acts as a year-round Aspen cabin. It’s this hidden winter oasis that will host the next Times Square After Hours program on Wednesday, June 12, from 9:30 to 11:30 pm. Presented by Times Square Arts and the Clocktower Gallery, the evening will feature experimental music and movement from indie rockers The Drums, Kimsin Kreft, and human-taxidermy collaborative duo Ryder & Hazel.

Aspen Social Club

Aspen Social Club (via aspensocialclub.com)

Cabin Fever: An Alpine Fantasy is the third event in the After Hours series that celebrates multimedia art. As Sherry Dobbin, Director of Public Art for the Times Square Alliance, explains: “Just steps from the bright lights and frenetic activity of Duffy Square, Cabin Fever offers a playground for the imagination, complemented by the alpine forests and icy waterfalls of Aspen Social Club. Within this fantasy, The Drums will conjure a woodsy soundscape of electronic music with no drums, while an ethereal hybrid deer-human enchants us.”

A recorded sound installation from The Drums will have ambient sounds inspired by the 1950s and 60s, spiked with howling wind and the crackle of a warming fire. Kimsin Kreft will play a special music set incorporating an insect motif in the cabin-like space. Performer Ryder Cooley will be joined by Hazel, who is a taxidermy sheep head, and the two will create a bittersweet performance of ballads mixing the haunting sound of the singing saw, accordion, and ukulele. The evening will culminate with this uncanny world of Ryder & Hazel merging with Kimsin Kreft in an unique sound experience.

After Hours is a collaboration between Times Square Arts, the public arts program of the Times Square Alliance, and the Clocktower Gallery, the legendary alternative art space. The program is curated by Alanna Heiss, Clocktower director, Joe Ahearn, Clocktower curator of performance and installation, and Beatrice Johnson, Clocktower managing director/associate curator, with the support of the Clocktower Gallery curatorial, production, and radio team.

Entry to After Hours is by invitation only, but as the exclusive media partner for the program, Hyperallergic has a limited amount of tickets for readers who RSVP.

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