Graciela Iturbide, "The Gossipers (Las chismosas) Series: Juchitán de las mujeres (Mexico, circa 1988) (via

Graciela Iturbide, “The Gossipers (Las chismosas),” Juchitán de las mujeres series (Mexico, circa 1988) (via

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Every Friday (or so), we post things in “Overheard in the Art World.” #OHAW Honestly, art world, don’t take yourself so seriously.

This week, our favorite NYC art dealer/gallerist and Franco lover turned Los Angeles museum head visited Art Basel Hong Kong to tell the world he doesn’t read Artforum. Meanwhile, the art world picked up and moved to Venice for the 55th time, leaving despondent artists in the alleys of Bushwick during Bushwick Open Studios.

[LA’s Museum of Contemporary Art director Jeffrey] Deitch: “Thank you Charles [Guardino, the ad guy of Artforum], I’ve been reading the ads in Artforum for years; I occasionally read an article but I never miss the ads.”
—overheard on Twitter at an Art Basel in Hong Kong panel via @new_territories

[Charles] Guarino starting the Q&A: “You’ve been told that there are no dumb questions … Well you hang on to that.”
—overheard on Twitter at an Art Basel in Hong Kong panel via @new_territories

“‘Poorgeois’ needs to be redefined to describe the class of privileged people who think that choosing a crappy-wage job makes them oppressed.”
—overheard on Twitter via @waughwaugh

“I’ll take the non-hydration drink.”
—overheard at the Wagmag benefit

“Her bathroom is really well curated.”
—overheard at the Wagmag benefit

“Wagmag, the #3 choice in homeless blankets.”
—overheard at the Wagmag benefit

[Woman looks at phone]
Man: “Is it that artist you’re sleeping with texting you from his community service again?”
—overheard near Hyperallergic Headquarters

[Lady gets in elevator]
“Is this reception [on the ground floor] part of maintenance required?”
[Elevator starts to close; lady blocks it]
“Oh, it is? I just wanted to drink.”
—overheard at Maintenance Required opening at the Kitchen

Man #1: “This is the quietest opening I’ve ever been to.”
Man #2: “That’s cuz the bar is downstairs.”
—overheard at the Maintenance Required opening at the Kitchen

“And Venice is out of SIM cards.”
—overheard on Facebook

“The countess does not wait in line!”
—overheard at Venice Biennial via @ludwickjustine

“I wanna go to Venice.”
—overheard at the 2013 Bushwick Open Studios

“Did you see the naked guy with the single, exceptionally large testicle?”
—overheard outside studio during the 2013 Bushwick Open Studios

Man: “What are you doing?”
Woman: “I’m sitting in a Bushwick alley feeling despondent.”
Man: “God, you’re such an artist”
—overheard at the 2013 Bushwick Open Studios

“Are you cutting yourself tonight?”
“Not a lot. It’s mostly about chemical reactions.”
—overheard at Grace Exhibition Space during the 2013 Bushwick Open Studios

“Can you please invite someone not in the art world to your next dinner party? Like a lawyer or something? I need to expand my slut profile.”
—overheard outside studio during the 2013 Bushwick Open Studios

“The hardest thing at 90% of the studios at BOS is figuring out how to leave tactfully.”
—overheard outside studio during the 2013 Bushwick Open Studios

“I painted the color ‘brown’ for 10 hours today. The glamor of painting.”
—overheard on Twitter via @highlowbetween

“Will you make something today or complain about something made by someone else?”
—overheard on Twitter via @robroychalmers via @CamiAlvarez7

Man: “Oh look, taxonomy.”
Woman: “Mark Dion … we’re soo jaded.”
—overheard at the Cooper Union Show Up exhibition

“It’s an ambient painting, you’re not meant to study the brushstrokes.”
—overheard at Williamsburg restaurant Xixa

“They paid me $100 to take a MRI of vagina.”
—overheard at the #Artstech event on selling art online

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