SnagFilms is a free video-streaming site where moviegoers and film aficionados alike can connect, discover and share titles. But you won’t find the same old multiplex fare here. With a library that houses an impressive collection of independent films curated by a team of dedicated and talented editors, SnagFilms is a place for those looking to experience a heartfelt documentary or a film critics’ favorite.

Put these summer-themed picks in your queue and start watching:

  1. Midsummer Madness: A quirky romantic comedy set in Latvia, the former Soviet republic, on the shortest night of the year. The whole country is going crazy on midsummer night when Curt, a young American, arrives in Riga, and the festivities are about to start. This is a classic slapstick comedy of errors.
  2. Seeds of Summer: Seven years after completing an IDF course for female combat soldiers, the director returns to the place where she fell in love with a woman – her commanding officer. Over the course of 66 days and nights, the film follows the transformation of 18-year-old girls into fierce disciplined soldiers. Through the intimate relationship that develops between the director and one of the characters, questions about identity, sexuality and the discovery of femininity surface.
  3. Never Ending Thermal: A documentary that celebrates the paragliding lifestyle around the world. Two top acro-pilots travel to spectacular aerial locations — from Angel Falls in Venezuela to the Himalayas, the Dolomites in Italy to the Zagora Basin in Morocco, all in search of the perfect thermal.

Find your new favorite summer flick now by signing up for beta access to the newly launched site at snagfilms.com/welcome-hyperallergic.

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