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#AskAMemeMaker (via

What is a meme? How is it a part of our greater cultural dialogue? Jump on Twitter to #AskAMemeMaker today, and join in a dialogue on just how memes can be more than just internet noise.

AK47 cards in Tiananmen Square (Via the Encyclopedia of Virtual Communities in HK)

The discussion, which is in the same vein as #AskACurator Day, is a project of the Civic Beat, a recently launched initiative that looks to use internet culture to relay the current stories of the world. The Civic Beat was co-founded by Hyperallergic consulting editor An Xiao Mina and designer Jason Li, with collaborators Lida Shao and Ben Valentine (another familiar name to Hyperallergic readers) and it is looking at where the manic consumption of online visual amusements can be an actual part of civic engagement.

The #AskAMemeMaker discussion is happening between 10 am and 12 pm EST with Laura Isaac, who made this lipstick meme on her own face for marriage equality, and then 5 pm to 7 pm EST with Phil Good, who mashed up horror film messages with the iconic red image of marriage equality. The discussion is also ongoing with the Civic Beat on Tumblr and Facebook, where the flourishing of memes is a continuing reflection and even influence on global stories.

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