Since launching in 2017, .ART has become a home for artists and art institutions online. Today, the domain platform is actively involved in supporting and participating in the global art market’s new digital initiatives.

The .ART community continues to grow with projects and artists exploring this realm, among them NFT marketplaces and, the blockchain-based gallery, and NFT artists like and Pak with his token drop During the pandemic, .ART partnered with Ars Electronica ( to host the first-ever digital arm of the festival, and teamed up with Arlekin Players Theatre to launch, a project to merge theater, cinematography, and video games into a new form of performance in one virtual space.

Based on Anton Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard (1904), Zero Gravity’s The Orchard (2022) will be performed live and in person at the Baryshnikov Arts Center in New York City and streamed online

The conversation about the changing physical-digital landscape is actively supported by .ART’s early adopters — those who were among the first to get their .ART domains. According to Christian Hohmann of Hohmann Art Gallery and Advisory (, “As a community, we have not yet learned how to translate the in-person experience of going to a gallery or an artist studio into a similar digital experience. I wouldn’t welcome clients to the gallery, immediately drag them into my warehouse and show them every single work of art by every one of my artists, right? We need less volume and more quality. It is increasingly hard to remain relevant if your digital presence doesn’t match your physical presence, because fewer people will actually come to the gallery before making a buying decision.”

For .ART early adopter Steve Miller (, the last five years have given him the opportunity to produce “Health of the Planet,” a trilogy about art, technology, and the environment, for which he secured both the domain and a US trademark. When asked to explain why he’s stayed true to .ART for so long, he said: “As the domain space heats up with a plethora of options, it’s important to have a clear identity. .ART is explicit in foregrounding the importance of the content. You come to .ART for a deep dive into creativity and innovation.”

“This message will deleted” by Santiago Carlomagno, participant of Ars Electronica Ars Electronica x .ART Domains digital gallery, 2020

Among .ART’s latest initiatives is 24 Days Of L’ .ART. In partnership with Roborace, Wakatta, and Sensorium, this open call was created for digital artists who want to spearhead a transition into the metaverse. Inspired by the historic French sports car race 24 Hours of Le Mans, the 24 Days Of L’ .ART is an international art competition and an opportunity for digital artists from around the world to exhibit their talents at Roborace — a racing metaverse that combines the excitement of physical racing with artificial intelligence and augmented reality to take motorsports to the next level. With the application process actively underway, all details can be found at

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