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Decay in industrial Brooklyn (photograph by the author)

New York has a lot of urban ruins for a city so constantly developing, but they can be easy to miss in the sprawl. Now a new map of photographs takes you into some of these hidden places.

The NYC Industrial Map Initiative  from the LTV Squad, a group that journeys into forgotten industry and infrastructure, is a cartographic and photographic look at buildings and spaces that have, for whatever reason, fallen off the city radar. As “Control,” a pseudonymous member of the LTVSquad, states in their launch announcement: “The goal of this map is purely to enlighten everyone to the thick history of NYC that is often hidden in plain sight.”

The map is basically an easily navigable compendium of much of the exploring LTV Squad has done of the city, but after over 20 years of their doing it there’s a lot of value to be had in their photographs and accumulated historic information. The map includes places you can legally see, like a dry dock in the Brooklyn Navy Yard you might otherwise overlook, as well as abandoned buildings where you might fear to venture, like the well-preserved Terra Cotta Company built in the 19th century, or the Montauk Iron & Steel Co. with its lot of rusting vehicles in Long Island City. There’s also some good vicarious urban exploration, like climbing to the top of the Hell Gate Bridge.

In all there are 50 locations, mainly defunct factories, stretching from Yonkers to Red Hook, and more are planned to be added. (Here’s hoping someone can add the creepy abandoned asylums of Long Island.) It’s all a great visual way to see into this industrial side of the city that has been lost in the public eye. Check it out below (or click here):

h/t Brooklyn Spaces

Allison Meier

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