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Looks like Kanye has run out of artists to do his album art. Maybe I’ll nab the next one with this name khange.

You may also want to know that Curly … we mean Kurly … is dabbling in “video art.”

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Since late 2010, thousands of handmade Curly (@staycurly) stickers with unique slogans have wound up on newspaper bins and signposts in Philadelphia and other...

5 replies on “The Artist Formerly Known as Curly”

      1. I wouldn’t go so far as “hate” but the humor is bland and the script is atrocious- it seems below Hyperallergic’s standards

        also Kurly seems ethically challenged, I think I’ve seen the “tag” on trees (!) and private businesses in Brooklyn, what a pain in the ass. Negative cost/benefit, hopefully he’s just a total amatuer lacking self awareness.

        1. Curly is not Brooklyn-based but many are here. I personally enjoy these posts, and I like giving artists and writers a platform to explore their ideas. Sorry you don’t enjoy it.

        2. I have never tagged a tree. I rarely tag at all actually. It’s 99% stickers. But my logo is a pretty common symbol for people to doodle. That’s why I picked it. Maybe someone else carved it into a tree.

          As for private businesses, I haven’t gotten up in NYC for a couple of years but I do occasionally give stickers to people there, so you’d have to talk to those folks.

          Either way, I’ve got you noticing my work, so as far as I’m concerned I’ve succeeded. Don’t read the reviews, weigh them… right?

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