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The art book trade is a curious beast. Publishers like Phaidon, Assouline, and Taschen market themselves as purveyors of something more distinguished than mere printed matter, often plunking down on intimidating, gallery-like boutiques in chic metropolitan districts. These stores serve as upscale outposts and contribute to an aura of luxury surrounding the consumption of what for the most part amount to coffee table books — the world’s finest coffee table books, but coffee table books nonetheless.

But like any other merchant dealing in mercurial consumer tastes and dead trees, these publishers occasionally find their supply outpacing demand, and the usual response involves lurid discounts. Phaidon is in the middle of one such purge. The 24-hour sale, which marks down a decent chunk of their inventory and kicked off a few hours ago, is probably worth a look.

Standouts in the discounted selection — numbering a few hundred books marked down from 75% to 30% — include the latest installation of the well-received Creamier series on emerging artists (pictured), along with the third volume of the Andy Warhol Foundation’s contested catalogue raisonné, and James Nachtwey’s Inferno (the celebrated photojournalist’s only monograph), among countless other monographs. If you’re looking to blow some bitcoin, head over to the sale site for more — it ends tomorrow around 10 am Eastern.

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Mostafa Heddaya

Mostafa Heddaya is the former managing editor of Hyperallergic.

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