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Before OntheBoards.tv, high-quality documentation of contemporary performance was almost impossible to find. Through the site, fans of contemporary performance have found better access to HD-quality videos of the artists they want to see regardless of where they live or their busy schedules, at prices they can afford.

A first-of-its-kind site, OntheBoards.tv brings contemporary work to a global audience by filming top caliber performances and making them available for stream, download, or subscription purchase on any device.

Since launching in 2010, OntheBoards.tv has filmed 32 performances, reaching audiences in all 50 US states and over 120 countries. Participating artists and venues share all profits, offering artists not only a new method for reaching broader audiences but a new revenue stream as well. Filmed at On the Boards (Seattle), as well as peer theaters in New York, Texas, and Oregon, the films consist of compelling international and northwest contemporary performance including works by artists who are rarely seen in the US and works that will never be performed again. OntheBoards.tv is the only online video platform that offers access to full-length works of its kind by internationally renowned artists.

“The Shipment” by Young Jean Lee’s Theater Company

Amongst many highlights on the site is “The Shipment” by Young Jean Lee’s Theater Company. A frequently downloaded performance, it is the creation of playwright/director Young Jean Lee, an artist called “hands down, the most adventurous downtown playwright of her generation” (New York Times). The film at OntheBoards.tv continues to inspire conversation about her career and work for students and arts enthusiasts around the globe who would not otherwise have access to her work. WATCH NOW.

Thousands of students across 36 universities such as Princeton, Duke, Stony Brook, MIT, The New School, and University at Buffalo have accessed the ever-growing catalogue of films via the OntheBoards.tv Educational Subscription, or through Academic Downloads allowing professors to showcase current contemporary performance to their students.

Read more about OntheBoards.tv and browse their film catalogue at www.ontheboards.tv.

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